2016 TCS 논문발표 (한상진, 심영희, 박영도) 프린트   
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한상진 이사장님께서 심영희 이사님, 그리고 박영도 이사님과 함께 공동 저술하신 논문,
Cosmopolitan Sociology and Confucian Worldview: Beck’s Theory in East Asia 가 TCS 에 실렸습니다.
자세한 내용은 상단의 관련정보 사이트를 통하여 확인하실 수 있습니다.

‘Cosmopolitan Sociology and Confucian Worldview: Beck’s Theory in East Asia’,
by Sang-Jin Han, Young-Hee Shim and Young-Do Park (from the forthcoming section on The Legacy of Ulrich Beck in Asia)

Published online before print November 8, 2016, doi: 10.1177/0263276416672535
Theory, Culture & Society November 8, 2016 0263276416672535 



This article aims at an active dialogue between Ulrich Beck and East Asia with respect to cosmopolitan imagination. Beck’s cosmopolitan sociology requires a reflective cosmopolitan publicness to cope with various kinds of global risks. We therefore extract three different layers of publicness from neo-Confucianism – survival-oriented, deliberative, and ecological – and argue that Beck’s cosmopolitan vision can be better conceptualized when properly linked to, or founded upon, the Tianxiaweigong normative potentials of neo-Confucianism. In so doing our intention is to make Beck’s implicit (Asian) sensibilities and the implicit Asian (cosmopolitan) orientations explicit, as a double process of cosmopolitan self-reflection and dialogue. We also draw attention to the analysis of the cosmopolitan actor in East Asia. Finally, we note that the cosmopolitan future of East Asia still remains uncertain and that reconciling global risk politics, national interests and cosmopolitan morality presents a big challenge to second modern transformation.


     13. 2016 HU-SNU Joint Workshop
     11. 2015 서울시민의식조사